The Wild Unknown 

Diving into the Wild Unknown

(This post contains expletives)

Here in the United States, yesterday was Election Day, but I will more fondly remember yesterday at the day MY MOTHERFUCKING WILD UNKNOWN tarot deck finally arrived!


I was so excited to finally have this deck in my possession, having ordered it on September 25th and being forced to wait what felt like forever. Once I took it out of the Amazon packaging I promptly poured myself a big glass of wine and filmed my first unboxing video, which I immediately deleted because it was so terrible. I’m not made for film, folks.

The deck and guidebook did not disappoint. I am honestly so impressed with every aspect of this deck. Kim Krans created a beautiful work of art when she designed these tarot cards and the packaging for them is just as exquisite. The kit contains a gorgeous, sturdy guidebook that is really well done. I find the card meanings align very closely to a traditional Rider Waite deck, though the art is certainly different. The card stock is pretty good, maybe a little thin, but far better than some other decks (Thoth and the Gilded Tarot, for example).

The biggest distinction with this deck is that is features only animals, no people. For some that may be a turnoff, but it wasn’t a problem for me.

The court cards feature owls (swords), snakes (wands), swans (cups),  and deer (pentacles). Here are the “Fathers” of the court, aka the Kings.


Now, I present to you some of my favorite cards from this truly rewarding deck.
The Majors:
The Devil (this reminds me of Black Philip in The Witch): Addiction and Negativity
The Chariot: Strong Will and Triumph
The Minors:

Nine of Swords: I know the worms aren’t visually appealing, but there is nothing appealing about the Nine of Swords. Dark visions and Anguish

Ten of Wands: Burdens, Blockage, Difficulty

Ten of Cups: Radiating Energy

I am enthralled by the artwork on this deck and highly recommend it to anyone who may be considering adding this to their collection. I am looking forward to using this for my daily readings.



17 thoughts on “The Wild Unknown 

  1. After seeing your post @ Tarot Professionals on Facebook I HAD to check them out & immediately ordered my deck.
    Amazon said they should be here by this Friday – now I REALLY CAN’T WAIT for them to come in.


      1. I was just reading the book!!!
        It’s an AWESOME deck & the book is so.easy to relate to.
        I’ve been either reading the book or holding & shuffling the cards since they came @ 3:30 – actually going through the book while sitting @ nail appt.


      2. I thought the book was beautifully done and the meanings were spot on. Overall I found there to be a close alignment to my traditional understanding of the Rider Waite. The only exception would be the court cards… She had some new interpretations of the court that I’m still mulling over.


      3. Been studying for years but have only just purchased own deck w/in the last year & I felt disappointed in myself because I was having a hard time committing to it.
        I wasn’t feeling it the way I thought I would.
        It’s almost like The Wild Unknown tarot sang out to me when I started reading your review. The said “Perfect for You” loud & clear
        I don’t even think I completely read through your page before I ordered them. The anticipation I’ve been feeling about them also added to my intuition that this was a better deck for me.


  2. In your deck interview you asked the same question twice. Was that for clarity or a misprint? The question was What issues/areas of life do you specialize in. # 2 and 3.

    Loved your take on this deck and am anxiously awaiting its delivery!

    Thank you,



    1. Thank you for replying! So, my question is, was there another question for the interview with the deck? I don’t see it posted here. Or was it just added in twice? I’d like to have the spread and would appreciate you reply. Thank you.



    2. Received my deck today! Cards are great! Thank you for replying on the interview spread. I think you had a great review on this deck!


  3. The best statement I can surmise from my own dive into the Wild Unknown is:
    The future is infinite, but in our grasp here & now as we look through the layers of light & shadow hiding what is unknown. Focus on knowledge & action as you work toward goals with urgency & determination especially striving to overcome temptation or issues that may cloud good judgement. A pure, solid, personal connection between the deck and a reader with the strength & courage to harness its power while mastering their own self control to sit & listen to the voices within will be a force to be reckoned with. Being generous and loving with their time & wisdoms as they others who may be struggling will be rewarded ten-fold.


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